How Autohaus Can Help You

Our Services


Proficient servicing will ensure the continued reliability of your vehicle and reduce any unforeseen mechanical repair costs. The Autohaus team are highly trained, experienced and use the latest equipment to service a variety of vehicles, keeping your car running to the best of its ability. Each car is carefully evaluated by our qualified service technicians and the necessary mechanical tasks carried out in a professional and timely manner.

Mechanical Repair

Sudden mechanical faults with your vehicle can cause great inconvenience, and if incorrectly diagnosed or poorly repaired, can lead to further financial strain. At Autohaus, our extensive mechanical experience, training and access to cutting edge tools helps us diagnose and repair the most complex of automotive issues.

Body & Wheel Repair

Damage to the exterior of your vehicle can be an eye-sore but more importantly, it can greatly affect the financial value of your car. From body and wheel scratches, to major structural repair, Autohaus’ expert team can return your vehicle to its original showroom condition.

Interior Repair

Interior spills, tears and further damage can ruin your driving experience and also hurt your wallet at the time of vehicle sale. Continue to enjoy your driving experience and allow the Autohaus team to overhaul the interior of your vehicle. From a simple clean, to extensive upholstery, our skilled and experienced mechanics use the latest techniques and tools to ensure a long lasting interior.

Performance Optimization

Over time, and especially given the extreme heat of the Middle Eastern climate, engine and other mechanical components of your vehicle can lose their performance. The Autohaus mechanics are qualified experts to help you fine tune your vehicles performance characteristics, ensuring improved handling, speed and reliability.

Window Tinting

The consequences of UV rays and excessive interior heat build-up can compromise the internal quality of your vehicle and cause driving discomfort. At Autohaus, we offer comprehensive window tinting solutions to protect not only the interior of your car, but also the driver and passengers as well.


Cars are one of the best reflections of a buyer’s personality. However, mass production means you don’t necessarily stand out on the highway. The team at Autohaus are passionate about cars and keep up-to-date with all the latest visual & aftermarket trends. Let Autohaus apply their highly-skilled mechanics to ensure you have a personalised vehicle.

Paint Protection & Detailing

Consistent exposure to UV rays and sand particles can have serious detrimental effects on your car’s exterior whilst daily use of your vehicle naturally ensures wear and tear to the interior. At Autohaus, we work with the best paint & surface protection partners to ensure the aesthetic quality of your vehicle, inside and out.

Vehicle Specialization

Using the latest techniques, equipment, and services our team are fully equipped to exceed international standards and offer an unmatched level of automotive quality in the region. We are fully capable to meet the mechanical requirements of the brands shown below.