Mercedes-Benz Service & Repair by Dubai’s Mercedes Experts

Over the past few years, Autohaus Middle East has established itself as the premier Mercedes service center in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. There is a reason so many UAE drivers trust us with their premium European vehicle for service and repair. We recently hired some excellent and highly-skilled new staff members who specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicle service and repair, and we are now proud to announce that we are now servicing and repairing Mercedes automobiles.

Why get your Mercedes serviced at Autohaus?

You didn’t buy a Mercedes-Benz just to see it struggle in the harsh Dubai conditions! We are experts in ensuring that these prestige vehicles stay in impeccable condition for as long as you own the car.


At our state of the art facility we use the latest technology and exclusively factory diagnostic systems for our Mercedes repairs to ensure optimal performance. We have over 25 years of experience servicing Mercedes among our new expert technicians – so you can leave your Mercedes with us and enjoy complete peace of mind that it is with the experts.


We know you love your Mercedes, so we will show it the love it deserves. Remember, the UAE climate is not “car friendly” so you have to make sure you get your Mercedes serviced regularly and at a place you can trust. We use only authentic Mercedes-Benz spare parts – none of the cheap replacement parts that are in the market.

Our range of services for Mercedes-Benz in Dubai include:

  • Mercedes A Service (Minor service)
  • Mercedes B Service (Major service)
  • High tech electronics diagnostics
  • Mercedes-Benz genuine parts (Dealer parts)
  • Oil filter/fluid changes with the highest quality oil and filters
  • Transmission Services
  • Brake Flushes, service, and repairs
  • Coolant repairs and flushes on all water-cooled engines
  • Wheel and tire replacement
  • Suspension service and repairs
  • Four wheel computerized alignments
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • and more!

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Dealer-level quality… NOT dealer-level prices!

At our service centre we offer the highest standard of Mercedes service and repair in Dubai, as well as preventative Mercedes maintenance. We can handle any Mercedes-Benz model with the care it deserves. We take pride in our attention to detail and service attentiveness – we know you’ll be happy your brought your Mercedes into Autohaus Middle East. We believe in dealer-level service but not in dealer-level prices!

So get in touch today for the best Mercedes-Benz service and repair experience in Dubai. We have great deals and are competitively and transparently priced.

Mercedes-Benz Service Dubai: 11 Most Common Mercedes Repair Issues

Mercedes is having a great couple of years, with more than 1.18 million cars sold in the first half of 2019. The majority of which were in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. With all of these new vehicles on the road, they’ll surely need maintenance and repair. But owners shouldn’t go just anywhere for their Mercedes Benz maintenance. At Autohaus we specialize in working with high-end luxury vehicles. Because of this, we see several mechanical issues that repeatedly pop up with Mercedes in Dubai. This list goes over the most common problems Mercedes owners experience. 

1. Mercedes Steering and Suspension Problems

This issue tends to afflict Mercedes that have high miles. If there are over 100,000 km on your vehicle, then you need to have your steering and suspension inspected and maintained regularly. One way to prevent significant problems later is to have your car balanced and aligned as a part of your regular Mercedes maintenance schedule. This will ensure all components wear evenly and correctly. 

2. Engine Mounts

If your Mercedes has accumulated some kilometers, usually over 100,000 km, then your engine mounts are at risk for leakage. If you feel new vibration, then this is a sign that your engine mounts have begun to fail. The vibration can be noticed in the seat, steering wheel, or cabin.

3. Engine Wiring Harness

This is one problem that’s especially prevalent here in Dubai and the Middle East in general, where summer temperatures can reach the highest in the world. Just this year Kuwait set records with the highest temperature in the world, reaching a staggering 52.2 degrees CelsiusThese extreme temperatures have adverse effects on your Mercedes in Dubai. The insulation around the engine becomes superheated and will crack. These cracks now expose the engine and car to risk.

4. Oil Leaks

If your Mercedes is a 1995 or newer, there’s a risk of graphite buildup from the clutch. When this happens, oil can begin to leak.

5.  Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils

Your spark plugs will inevitably give out. This is standard required maintenance for all vehicles. At around 45,000 to 60,000 kilometers, you’ll need to have your spark plugs replaced. Doing this will prevent power loss and damage to your engine’s ignition components. 

6. Catalytic Converters and Carbon build up

This is one of the more expensive repairs on this list and is required to be inspected every 120,000 kilometers. The catalytic converter “cleans” the exhaust air coming from the engine before it gets expelled into the environment. A clean Catalytic Converter reduces unwanted carbon build up in the engine.

7.  Transmission Issues

When it comes to the transmission, two components are prone to failure from continued use. The valve body or the printed circuit will eventually need replacing. Mercedes takes great care in producing transmissions that shift smoothly. So if your transmission is shifting rough, then this is a sign that there’s a problem. Sometimes the fluids need topping up. Other times it could be something more serious.

8. Emission Sensor 

As you drive, the dirty air from your engine flows through the exhaust and by the mass airflow sensor. Over time, this contaminated air causes buildup on the sensor. When this happens, the sensor begins to provide faulty measurements.

These incorrect measurements will cause the ECM to adjust the mixture of fuel and air entering the engine. Unfortunately, the adjustments won’t be an improvement in performance. You’ll notice hard starts, rough idling, and delayed response.

9. Check Engine Light   

Your check engine light can come on for a wide range of reasons, including your fuel cap not adequately secured. Never ignore your check engine light. Doing so can result in significant damage to your Mercedes engine and vehicle.

If your check engine light comes on, you need to bring it to us at Autohaus to read and decipher the OBD II scanner code. They can tell you what triggers the light and how to fix it.

10. Failed Air Suspension 

Not all Mercedes have air suspension, but this comfort feature becomes more and more common throughout the Mercedes model range. You’ll know this is a problem your car has if it’s riding lower than usual.

There may also be abnormal sounds coming from the suspension while you drive. Or you may notice that the compressor won’t turn on.

11. Air-condition (A/C) weakness

 In such extreme environments as here in the Middle East you are depend in the strong performing A/C System of your Car, if not checked, disinfected and maintained regularly A/C Filtration systems can get blocked, bacteria & fungus can build up and operational gases can escape thru defective seals. All these points can jeopardize the functionality and the comfort of the A/C system, yearly checks are there for mandatory and safe you expensive repairs in the long term.

Schedule Your Mercedes Benz Maintenance

If you notice any of these signs, then it is best to schedule your Mercedes-Benz maintenance immediately. This will prevent more severe damage from occurring. 

The best way to prevent many issues is to have a regular maintenance schedule. Our experienced and qualified team can perform inspections and provide advice on maintenance that can prevent these issues from occurring. 

Contact our expert team and get a quote for service or schedule your maintenance today. This issue tends to afflict Mercedes that have high miles. If there are over 100,000 km on your vehicle, then you need to have your steering and suspension inspected and maintained regularly.

One way to prevent significant problems later is to have your car balanced and aligned as a part of your regular Mercedes maintenance schedule. This will ensure all components wear evenly and correctly.

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